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Spunk Burke, author of THE GIG SOLUTION and Founder of GIGEXECS, is a 30-year veteran of the contract staffing industry. With the formation of GIGEXECS, he is principally focused on sourcing all manner of qualified business contractors to deliver solutions for the myriad functional needs of top management.  

A Babson graduate, Spunk founded two contract technical staffing services with aggregate sales of $365M. His foray into business contracting is driven by a growing supply of remarkable talent and the increasing commercial demand of the emerging GIG Economy.

Spunk also addresses the career challenges and retirement shortfalls encountered by millions of displaced Boomers who happen to be business professionals. Spunk encourages them to shift their search from “positions” to “projects” and pursue gig opportunities. Beyond assigning projects to qualified candidates, Spunk also provides coaching to enable business talent to be self-sufficient in securing rewarding gigs on their own. 

The audience is primarily any business decision maker responsible for operating improvements, OR business professionals typically over the age of 50 experiencing some level of employment stress.